Even though Pep Guardiola didn’t reveal anything specific about his contract renewal with the Club, he did mention during today’s press conference that “people need to be calm, I know what I’m doing. I know when I have to do it and how it needs to be done.” He admitted that constant questioning on the subject didn’t bother him. The manager said that once he makes his decision he will inform the President Rosell, but he clarified that winning titles “has nothing to do with my decision.”

Caution over the Hospitalet

The manager also spoke about tomorrow’s Cup tie against Hospitalet. He understands that it might be difficult to focus on the King’s Cup match after winning the Club World Cup but cautions, “we’re playing to not be eliminated from one of the remaining competitions.” Guardiola went on to urge his players to be “attentive” seeing that “it’s a very dangerous match.”

The manager also congratulated the Club for its efforts to fill the Camp Nou up on Thursady through its Day of Member Solidarity. Furthermore, for Guardiola, coming to the Camp Nou is a good excuse to “see our football.”

Mourinho’s comments

Guardiola took the opertunity to play down Mourinho's comments: “Madrid’s manager wanted to congratulate us, and we thank him. Everything he says is given too much importance, there are no problems.” He added, “he has every liberty to opine. He said the Champions League is more important and he’s right.”

“Villa is very encouraged, lively”

Pep Guardiola visited with David Villa and said the striker is “very encouraged, lively.” The manager believes that this “will make Villa stronger and prolong his career. He’ll realize how lucky he is and he’ll take everything in with much more desire.” The manager also confirmed that if there aren’t any setbacks, Isaac Cuenca will stay with the team: “Because we lost of Villa I’m sure he’ll be with us until the end of the season.”

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