Guardiola at the Reyno de Navarra / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

It's going to happen. After knocking out Osasuna of the round of 16 of the Kings Cup, the team led by Josep Guardiola will face Real Madrid in the quarterfinals. The Barça boss referred to Real Madrid as “a great rival” and he highlighted that the quarterfinals will be “great and exciting for the spectators.” Guardiola also talked about the difficulty the tie represents for both teams, “both us and them are teams that, no matter what competition we are playing in, we try to win.”

When responding to the question about how he thinks the tie will affect both teams throughout the remainder of the competition, Guardiola said that “it seems as though, whatever the result is, that the world will end. If we go on or not the games in the Liga are assured. When you play against rivals like Real Madrid the possibilities of winning or losing are always there.

The five point advantage that Mourinho’s team currently holds in the Liga will not have an effect on the the team, according to Guardiola, in the Cup tie: “if we were five points ahead we’d go into this tie to win it just as we will go to win it being five points behind, just like Real Madrid would. We are two team, two institutions that try to win everything that we compete in.”

Praise for Sergi Roberto and Montoya

Guardiola had special words of praise for the match-winning goalscorer, Sergi Roberto: “he can play anywhere, he’s too good, his start is great ... We needed someone that looked for spaces, that made us a bit deeper. His movements are good. I congratulate him.” The manager also had words for Martín Montoya: “Barça has a good right back for the future.”

Lastly, Guardiola reiterated that he will not seek to sign any new players during the winter transfer window and that he has complete confidence in the reserves: “with the injuries we’ve had this year, we’ll need the reserves a lot. They need to get ready. We have a reserve side, and I believe in many of them. The fewer we are the more difficult it will be to move forward.”

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