Josep Guardiola highlighted the attitude and concentration that his players demonstrated against Athletico Madrid. While daring to say that in the game this Saturday, Barça were "better" than their opponents, the Barcelona Manager clarified that "we are not unbeatable.......any team can beat us, but if we do things right the fans who come to watch us will have a good time, which is the most important thing. We played very well, it was a lesson in concentration, but from tomorrow on we have to do it again. Let's see if we're able maintain this level. It's this year's challenge" he added.

Messi's performance

Undoubtedly, the star of the night was Lionel Messi, who scored a hat-trick: "Messi was decisive again, you can only congratulate him. He's a player that you don't have to explain, you just have to watch him in action. He is 2 goals away from Kubala's record, at 22 years old. It's all been said, there's not much to add".

Defensive formation

On Barça's defensive formation, which in the first half was a 3-man defence, and in the second half, when Pique came on, 4-man, Guardiola suggested that "to talk about tactical questions you have to know the opposition. We move the pieces around accordingly. In the second half we changed it around a bit, because of the way they were playing. When they attacked us we had to adapt a little. Barça is really lucky to have the players we have, who can adapt to every situation".

On Afellay's absence through injury, Guardiola confirmed that he won't be signing anyone. "We have B Team players who can do very well. We understand that from February or March he'll be back with us" he added. He also referred to Abidal, and expressed his wish that "he might renew his contract and carry on playing with the Club".

Finally, Josep Guardiola expressed his sadness about the fact that Barça is involved in lawsuits with the previous Board, the Board who chose him to take over the reins as Barça Manager.

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