The news was announced a while ago, but Josep Guardiola’s job with the reserve team has delayed his official presentation as FC Barcelona’s new manager. Finally, the event took place this Tuesday in the Sala París. Accompanied by Joan Laporta and technical secretary Txiki Begiristain, Guardiola said: “I feel ready, if I didn’t feel this way I wouldn’t be sitting here. I’m not afraid, I’m not frightened by this challenge.”

A huge responsibility

The new manager started off by thanking board and the president: “I’m very pleased to be here, this is such a big responsibility. I want to thank the president, Txiki and Marc Ingla for their confidence in me this year and to the people that brought me to this extraordinary club last year. I will not fail you, I’m sure that everything will work out.” He added: “I don’t have experience because I’m only 37. The only merit I have is that these people chose me.”

Work, effort and talent

The new FC Barcelona manager said: “I firmly believe in hard work, effort and talent. The journey will be tough, but I will persevere. We have to work quickly and well, we must be strong from the start.” Guardiola also said that he has a clear idea of what he wants to accomplish: “I cannot promise titles, but I’m convinced that people will be proud of us. I’m not asking for anything, I want people to get hooked on us.”

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