The team celebrating the Club World Cup victory / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

The International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) has published its annual worldwide club ranking for 2011, FC Barcelona, after finishing the year with a handful of titles, has finished first. After top place finishes in 2007 and 2009, this is the third time Barça has topped the IFFHS ranking. The team finished with 367 points, quite a bit more than the second place finisher, Real Madrid (312 points), and third, Veléz Sarsfield (271 points).

A record number of points

Barça’s 367 points are the third highest mark ever awarded to a team since the IFFHS started giving out the award in 1991. Only Juventus in 1993 (with 5.5 more points) and AC Milan in 1995 (with only half a point more) achieved more points than Guardiola’s men. At the time Juventus and AC Milan topped the list, however, Serie A was the dominant league in the world. Therefore the Italian teams received five points per victory as opposed to four currently awarded to current-day teams. With that in mind, the points awarded in 2011 to Barça single the team out as the best in the world.

Furthermore, Barça also finished atop the IFFHS ranking as the best team in December. FC Barcelona didn’t lose a single game that month.

The Top 10 of 2011

1. FC Barcelona (ESP) 367,0
2. Reial Madrid (ESP) 312,0
3. Vélez Sarsfield (ARG)  271,0
4. Manchester United (ENG) 270,0
5. Manchester City (ENG) 239,0
6. Santos (BRA) 238,0
7. Universidad de Chile (XI) 235,5
8. Benfica (POR) 235,0.
9. Porto (POR) 231,0
10. Universidad Católica (XI) 230,0

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