Champions of the Audi Cup

There are no friendlies for Barça. This Tuesday, in the final against Bayern Munich, once again Barça captivated the Allianz Arena, showing that their style, despite missing several key players, remains intact. Possession and control of the game, Guardiola's players best weapons, and 2 goals from Thiago, sealed the victory.

Villa had the first chances

Barça created more chances, and the first to shoot at the goal defended by Jens Butt was David Villa. The Barça number 7 had 2 free-kicks from central positions that failed to find the back of the net. The first was pushed out by Butt and the second went just wide of the mark. A while later, in the 32nd minute, he had another chance, again saved by Butt. In minute 38, Valdes was called on to save from David Alaba, who was unable to beat the Barça keeper in a 1 on 1 situation.

Thiago opens the scoring....

The first goalscorer was not one of the strikers. Part of Barca's greatness is that the midfield players get into many attacking positions, and the player who took most advantage was Thiago Alcantara. In the 41st minute Thiago headed in a cross from the left by Jonathan Soriano, who later had to be replaced due to injury, putting Barça 1-0 ahead, the score remaining the same until half-time.

... and also decides the outcome

In the second half the game's dynamics were no different from the first. The Barça performance and workrate was just the same, and although Bayern enjoyed slightly more possession, Barça were in total control of the game. There were fewer chances, but Thiago managed to convert one of them. In the 74th minute he played a 1-2 with Afellay, and scored with a fantastic shot, well placed, into the top corner of Butt's goal to make it 2-0. From then until the end Barça didn't suffer too much and reached their objective of becoming Champions of the second edition of the Audi Cup.


1-0 Thiago (41')
2-0 Thiago (74')

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