The players showing their support for Abidal / PHOTO: Miguel Ruiz - FCB

Éric Abidal, who will undergo liver transplant surgery, and Estanislao Basora, who passed away this Friday, were remembered by FC Barcelona’s first team before kickoff in Seville.

Before the match, the Barça players came out onto the pitch with a shirt that read ‘Abi! You’ll win once again!’ as a show of support to their teammate. Sevilla also sent a message of encouragement to the Frenchman with a shirt of their own that read ‘Courage, Abidal!’

Barça also donned black armbands in memory of the winger that played for the legendary Five Cup Barça team. There was also a minute of silence for Basora before kickoff.

Other Barça teams, also with Abi

It’s also worth mentioning that the other FC Barcelona professional teams, wearing similar shirts to those worn by the first team, also stand with Abidal.

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