Valdés and Puyol. PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB.

After securing a King’s Cup final berth, Barça’s La Liga title chances faded a bit with tonight’s loss in the league at the Reyno de Navarra. The Barça players aren’t giving up on the competition and are basing a possible, albeit complicated, comeback on hard work and effort.

Goalkeeper, Victor Valdes talked about the difficulty of cutting into Madrid’s possible 10 point lead, but he also said that the team will fight until the end. “Being realistic, it will be very difficult. We didn’t perform today and the Liga just got a bit more complicated. It’s not definitive but it is more difficult,” he said.

The Barça player didn’t blame referee to justify the loss in Pamplona. “I don’t usually talk about the referees. There were [controversial] calls for both teams,” said Valdes.

The keeper also said that his team didn’t get off to a good start against an Osasuna. Lastly, he talked about the decisive Champions League match against Leverkusen: “We play on Tuesday in another important Champions League game, we have to get up [and keep moving forward].”

Here are the statements made by some of the FC Barcelona players after the match:

Pedro Rodriguez:

“We’re a bit sad, but that’s normal after you lose

“It was a game where we couldn’t afford to lose, we lost the points. It truly was a difficult match.

“We were better in the second half, we even had the chance to mount a comeback. Despite it all, we’re disappointed with the final result

“La Liga is possible, but 10 points down is difficult to come back from. We’ll keep on fighting until the end

“Osasuna started off strong in the first half and it was difficult for us to get into the game. In the second half we had the chance to make a comeback but in the end we weren’t able to”

Isaac Cuenca:

“We know what kind of team we are and we must keep on fighting until the end

“The field is small but we knew that coming in. We shouldn’t look for excuses

“We’re going to Leverkusen with a lot of enthusiasm to try and win

“It’s normal that it’s more difficult for us away from home. The Camp Nou is bigger and the ball rolls on the pitch better”

On Alexis’ disallowed goal: “I wasn’t able to see if it was offside or not, it was a really fast play”

Gerard Pique

“The referee’s performance isn’t an excuse for losing to Osasuna

“The Champions League is a very attractive competition, the most prestigious; we’ll give it our all to try and win it

“We aren’t giving up on La Liga

“The point difference [with Madrid] keeps growing, but I ask the fans to stay by our side because we need them more than ever”

Andres Iniesta:

“It’s a painful loss. We reacted but it wasn’t enough, we have to keep on fighting until the end. Now we have to prepare the Champions League match”

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