David Villa gets better with age. The FC Barcelona number 7, centre forward at Valencia, and left wing since he came to Barça, to free up Messi, has already scored 6 goals in 11 games this season. That is, 0.55 goals per game, quite a bit better than at the start of his first season with the team.

29 goals as a Barça player

Last season, David Villa, still in the process of adapting to his new team, scored 4 goals in the first 11 games (0.36 goals per game). They're pretty good numbers, but Villa has improved on them over time. He finished last season with a total of 23 goals in 52 games (0.44 goals per game) and now guarantees a goal every two games. In total, he's scored 29 goals with FC Barcelona.

Goalscorer, and goalmaker

Villa, who for the first time has been able to complete a full pre-season with the first team, has changed from playing a major role at Valencia to more of a supporting role at Barça. Goals are not everything, and Villa already has two assists, one for Messi and another for Pedro, in the 11 matches played, eight of them in the starting line-up. Of his six goals, 2 stand out: the missile that silenced the Bernabeu crowd in the first leg of the Super Cup, and the masterful free kick against AC Milan in the Champions League.

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