There are reasons to be optimistic about Barça’s chances in tonight's Cup game against Osasuna. Besides the 4-0 result of the away leg, FC Barcelona hasn’t lost to Osasuna in the Cup in 25 years. In the Catalan team’s last three visits to Navarra, they came away with two victories and a draw. The last two times Barça lost to Osasuna was in 1935/36 (4-2) and 1983/84 (3-2).

0-4 in the last visit

The last time Barça visited Osasuna in the Cup was in the 1999/00 season. Barça won the away leg 2-0 and thrashed Osasuna in the return leg (0-4). The only time both teams ended level at El Sadar was in the 1987/88 season (0-0). One year earlier, 1986/87, Barça won in Pamplona (0-1), but the Catalans were eliminated from the Cup in the subsequent penalty shootout.

In total, FC Barcelona have eliminated Osasuna four out of five times in the Cup.

In the League, 2 defeats in 21 games

The the League, FC Barcelona have only lost 2 of its 21 games in Pamplona (2000/01 and 2005/06). Last year, Barça won 0-3.

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