Isaac Cuenca has been in the Barça first team, officially, for only a short time. Up to now he hasn't got to thoroughly know all the members of the squad. They have all really impressed him. "Everyone surprised me with their humble attitude. You would think that, in a dressing room where players have won so much, there may be a less familiar atmosphere, but it's not so", he said in his first press conference, where he acknowledged that " he was a bit tense".

Continual Learning

Cuenca admitted that he looks at all his teammates so he can learn more each day. "I try to use them as an example, and I try to watch them in matches and training sessions so I can learn more", he said. The winger, who wanted to thank Guardiola for giving him the opportunity to play in the first team, didn't reject the parallel cases of Busquets and Pedro, although he confessed that "every story is different".

Injuries ... and talent

In his case, his opportunity came early, because of injuries at the start of season to Afellay, Alexis, Pedro, and later, Villa. "It's better that the team doesn't have any injuries, but maybe that's what gave me the minutes at the start. But I prefer that everybody is fit, to compete at 100%", he said. His talent, of course, helped him to succeed and establish himself in the first team.

About their chances in the League, he expressed himself along the same lines as his teammates: "We know it's difficult and complicated, but we must try to win every game to keep the Title alive, in case Madrid stumble".

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