Cesc, en el partit contra l'Hospitalet / FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Before starting his Christmas holidays Cesc Fabregas spoke about the current Barça, at a promotional event. The Barça number 4 spoke about Barça Manager Pep Guardiola and about the renewal of Pep's contract. "Only he knows (if he'll renew his contract), but he seems very motivated to me" said Cesc, who explained that Guardiola "doesn't let anyone take it easy. It has always been my dream to play for Barça, and since childhood I was always proud to say that I played for this Club. One of the reasons why anyone would want to play for Barça is because of Pep".

In this regard he highlighted that, despite the quality of the squad,  the key to the  success of the team is Guardiola. "He makes the machine work". He was in no doubt that "the more years he stays, where me and the team can play for him, it'll be really important for the Club and the Barça environment".

The Cup draw

This morning Barça found out that Osasuna will be their rival in the last 16 of the Cup. Cesc warned that the 8-0 win over Osasuna in the League is not a fair reflection of their performances this season. "They are a tough rival. The return leg will be in Pamplona, ​​one of the most difficult away games of the year, and they'll give everything in the Cup, a competition where teams really want to reach the Final, and there are always surprises.......we must be prepared" bearing in mind that the first leg will be played on January 4th at the Camp Nou, and it's the first game after the Christmas holidays.

In the quarter-finals Barça could meet Real Madrid. Cesc's comments about Madrid were "the later we come up against them, the better."

"I would be thrilled to win the Champions League"

These days are times of making wishes and the main wish of Cesc Fabregas is to win the Champions League. After losing the 2006 final against Barça, when he played for Arsenal, Cesc said: "It's always been my great desire to win it. It's a thorn in my side. I would be thrilled to win the Champions League".

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