Cesc Fàbregas at Barça TV

The British channel Sky Sports has put together a report called 'Cesc in Barcelona' in which the player speaks frankly about his time at Arsenal under Arsène Wenger and his first half-year at Barça under Guardiola. "Both managers seem to love their jobs" he says. "They put their heart and soul into it. They love football. Wenger is a very special person for me. He put his faith in me from day one and I am where I am thanks to him."

The midfielder spent eight seasons at Arsenal, years he will never forget: "I want to stay at Barça a long time and perhaps retire here. Return to Arsenal? Perhaps, why not? You never know in life. If I had to go anywhere, it would be to Arsenal. Apart from Arsenal and Barça, I can't see myself playing for any other team."

It was always Cesc Fàbregas' dream to come back to the club where he learned so much, and he knows the significance of being here. "When you leave FC Barcelona, it is almost impossible to ever come back. The day I was presented at Barça was one of the happiest of my life. But the day before had been one of the saddest," he added, referring to having to say goodbye to everything he had come to love about Arsenal. "But I wasn't as motivated as I was when I was 16. Like anybody, I needed a change in life, to start all over, and that's the way I felt when I came here."

And it's all gone brilliantly. "My arrival was a surprise. Winning two titles in ten days was very special, especially as one of those was against Real Madrid," said Cesc, who is clearly delighted to be back where his heart truly belongs. He has won the respect of both his colleagues and the supporters and his duty now is to make sure that this glorious period at FC Barcelona can be continued further into the future.

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