Guardiola, parlant amb Tito Vilanova/ FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Following his official appointment as first team coach, Tito Vilanova became the 14th Catalan manager. The first was Romà Forns, from 1927 to 1929 and since then, big names such as Josep Samitier, Salvador Artigas, Joaquim Rifé, Carles Rexach and Pep Guardiola have occupied the manager’s seat at the Camp Nou. All the Catalans were previously players at the Club except for Enric Rabassa who trained the team in 1960.

Second coach from Girona

Tito Vilanova was born in Bellcaire d’Empordà and is the second coach to come from Girona in the Club’s 100 year history, following on from Domènec Balmanya who was in charge between 1956 and 1958. The other 12 coaches were all from the Barça province.

Vilanova-Roura, Catalan pairing

There has only been an all Catalan tandem in charge of the first team on six occasions: Guardiola and Vilanova were in charge for four seasons – longer than either other pairing , whilst Domènec Balmanya was the first to have a fellow countryman as his assistant – Enric Rabassa.

Rabassa then became assistant to Lluís Miró in 1961, Josep Gonzalvo and Josep Seguer were at the helm in 1963, Salvador Artigas and Josep Seguer took charge from 1967 to 69 and Joaquim Rifé and Antoni Torres followed in the 1979/80 season.

Now it’s the turn of Tito Vilanova and Jordi Roura. Tito’s assistant was born in Llagostera and has spent plenty of time coaching at the Club. Once again, the coaches at the Club will be talking Catalan.

Catalan Coaches

1- Romà Forns (1927-29)
2- Josep Planas (1939-41)
3- Josep Samitier (1944-47)
4- Ramon Llorens (1950)
5- Domènec Balmanya (1956-58)
6- Enric Rabassa (1960)
7- Lluís Miró (1961)
8- Josep Gonzalvo (1963)
9- Salvador Artigas (1967-69)
10- Josep Seguer (1969/70)
11- Joaquim Rifé (1979/80)
12- Carles Rexach (2001/02)
13- Pep Guardiola (2008-12)
14- Tito Vilanova (2012-...)

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