Doctors Cugat and Pruna during the press conference / PHOTO: GERMAN PARGA - FCB

Doctors Ramon Cugat and Ricard Pruna, in collaboration with Egarsat, performed osteochondral knee surgery on Carles Puyol this Saturday morning. The Azulgrana captain underwent an arthroscopic procedure to clean up joint tissue in his right knee. The player will be out of action for approximately six weeks.

Doctor Cugat explained that there was a fragment of cartilage that became detached from the player’s knee and, once removed, the doctors inspected the rest of the joint. “We didn’t have time to wait this time. He told me that his leg wasn’t working, that he couldn’t continue. These are subjective feelings. We could wait last year, but this time, even though the injury wasn’t as severe, it was more noticeable than last year,” said Cugat this Saturday afternoon in the Ricard Mexenchs press room.

Doctor Pruna recognised that “he practically diagnosed himself” and that the player could be released from hospital as early as this Sunday. “His objective is to be in optimal condition for the preseason,” Pruna said.

Puyol will, in all likelihood, miss the King’s Cup Final and the EURO. “If everything goes well, we’ll have Carles Puyol for many years,” said Cugat.

Pruna also talked about the number of injuries picked up by the first team this season: “we’ve had various muscle injuries. I believe most of them were mild or medium and that they were dealt with well. With that said, we had to go to the operating room five times this season: Abidal’s transplant, the ACLs of Afellay and Fontàs, Villa’s leg and now Carles.”

Villa, Abidal and Tito

Doctors Cugat and Pruna also talked about three specific first-team members. On David Villa’s recovery, Cugat said that “we’ll have to wait two or three more weeks until the EURO starts. This time will permit us to see the extent of his recovery. Time will give us the answer, in any case, he’ll have the last word on the matter.”

Pruna talked about Éric Abidal’s condition: “The transplant was successful. His recovery has been good but slow. The player, if everything goes well, could be released from hospital next week.”

On Tito Vilanova, Pruna explained that “he’s doing fantastically well. In layman terms, we’d say he’s been healed. In scientific terms, he’s free of disease.”

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