Sergio Busquets, al programa 'El Marcador' de Barça TV / FOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

After over 150 appearances with the first team, Sergio Busquets already seems like a veteran when discussing the team’s accomplishments and calling for caution: “We’ve got people so used to winning. We know that we can’t always win 5-0. The main thing is to know what we’re doing well and what we’re not, and try and improve.” He told Barça TV, “The team did its homework” (against Mallorca) and insisted that the victory has boosted the players’ confidence ahead of next Tuesday’s match in Prague.

“We’re not machines”

The win against Mallorca on Saturday was the 14th time the team has won 5-0 under Guardiola. However, Busquets emphasised that the team is bound to have its off days, like the match against Granada: “It’s never easy. We’re not robots or machines. Sometimes things can turn out better or worse. Scoring five goals and keeping a clean sheet is very nice.”

“Messi is the one who makes the difference”

Messi, despite how it might seem, isn’t a machine either, and Busquets has never had any doubts about the two time Ballon d’Or winner. “We know that Messi is the best player in the world, that he’s the leader of this team and the one who makes the difference. But he’s not a machine and there’ll be matches when he can’t score.”

Cuenca and Deulofeu

The other big news of the match was the contribution of talented youngsters Cuenca and Deulofeu. “It’s important to bring the young players on. A manager like Guardiola has a lot of faith in the reserves, where they’re doing things really well. I’m sure a lot more players will make it through to the first team. We all try to help and relax them but they come well prepared.”

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