Busquets during this Tuesday's press conference / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Sergio Busquets, who returns to the team after being suspend for the match against Sporting Gijón, is aware of the importance of tomorrow’s match, “we’re playing for a spot in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Our game plan will be the same. We’re going to try to win. We know that we have a good result and that Bayer will create goal scoring chances. They’ll come out to attack, like in the second half [in Germany]. This can be beneficial for us because we’ll have more space and it will be an open match.”

The Barça midfielder responded to Robin Dutt’s pre-match statements: “I don’t believe they’ll be satisfied with 30% ball possession. They’ll come out to attack and they’ll try to retain possession as much as they can. We will too.” Barça is aware of how dangerous the German side can be, “they’re very powerful, very tall. When they go on the attack, they always have a lot of men [up the pitch]. We are the player that we are, it’s obvious that we aren’t a very tall team. If we commit fouls or give corners away, we’ll suffer. Therefore, the best thing to do is to avoid fouls and not concede corners,” said Busquets.

“We want to talk about football”

Busquets said that the players “just want to talk about football.” The midfielder, when asked about the controversy after this weekend’s match, said, “Gerard Piqué is well, he’s focused on the match. A lot of people have talked about this but we’re only thinking about tomorrow’s match. We have maximum respect for the referees.”

On the announcement that the King’s Cup final will be played at the Calderón, Busquets reiterated the statements made by his teammates and manager: “we said that we’d go where they told us to go. It’s a final that’s waiting for us at the end of the season, now we know where and when it will be.”

Olympic Games

Sergio Busquets publicly expressed his desire to play in the Olympic Games his summer in London. “I’ve always been open about my desire to play in the Olympic Games. Luis Milla knows this. It’s clear that I can be on both lists [Olympic Games and the EURO], I can play both competitions but that’s not up to me. It depends on the national coaches.”

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