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It was a night of gratitude at the Camp Nou as Josep Guardiola led his team for the last time in the Barcelona stadium. Minutes before kickoff between Barça and Espanyol, a massive banner was unfurled by the Barça members and fans that read “t’Estimem Pep! [We love you, Pep!]

On the esplanade of the Camp Nou two murals were installed under the heading #GraciesPep - where fans wrote their farewell messages to Guardiola. In groups of 10, fans of all ages offered up their acknowledgment to the outgoing manager. In fact, new murals had to be brought in as the amount of people leaving messages quickly surpassed original estimates.

In all languages from all parts of the world

The murals boasted messages from around the world. “Pep, thank you for returning football to its essence,” wrote one Mexican couple. “Thank you Pep for all the moments of glory and tears that you’ve given us,” said a Barcelona native.

Also on social networks

Messages of gratitude to Guardiola were also made on social networks: Twitter, Facebook and Tencent Weibo. Over 9,000 tweets were made per hour with the #graciesPep tag, which was Trending Topic on Twitter in Spain, during the match against Espanyol. In total, over 23,000 tweets were made in tribute to Guardiola before the end of the first half.

On Facebook, the Club’s posts were received with unconditional support from the Barça fans. In total, more than 210,000 likes and 15,000 comments were made on the Club’s posts regarding Guardiola’s last match at the Camp Nou. More than 1,100 fans shared their photos and messages of gratitude to Guardiola on the Club’s Facebook #graciesPep tab. Which breaks down to about 24 photos uploaded per minute.

Over a million messages in China

Barça’s official page on Tencent Weibo (Chinese social network) registered a record amount of activity. More than a million Chinese fans thanked Pep Guardiola on the social network.

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