Dani Alves during the press conference in Germany / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Dani Alves is convinced that the 10 point gap between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid won’t affect the team in the Champions League: “one of this team’s strengths is that we know where we are and what competition we’re playing in.” The defender said that the Champions League “requires a lot of focus, quality and desire.” Ahead of tomorrow’s match, Alves cautioned that Bayer Leverkusen “is a very strong side at home ... we’ll have to be very altert in order to avoid any surprises.”

FC Barcelona is six games away from reaching the Champions League final in Munich. Alves is knows that the road ahead will not be easy. “We have to play at a high level to get to the final. We have quality to do that. We’ll come up against difficult teams, but it won’t be pleasant to play against us either.”

“Together we are stronger”

On the team's current form in the league, Alves said, “we have become accustomed to winning and when we don’t win it’s strange.” The Brazilian knows that “there will be difficult moments where we must be strong. If we are united we are stronger.” He went on to say that, “we’ll fight as long as there isn’t a mathematical champion in the league, we’ll see where we are at the end [of the season].” He urged his teammates to give it their all to try and win the league title: “we have put in a triple effort, because putting in a double [effort] won’t be enough.” He finished by saying “it’s everyone’s dream to beat the best team in the world.”

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