Despite last night's painful defeat against Getafe, there are only upbeat signals coming from the Barça players.  Speaking at a press conference after training, Dani Alves summed up the general mood of the squad: "The players are fairly relaxed; we know that in our profession there are challenges, and that's exciting and we're fascinated by it. Happily, there's still a long way to go, and no cups have been awarded yet. One of the keys to this team is that we don't give up or throw in the towel - never."

Taking your chances

As for the match in the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez, he told reporters: "We had our chances but we didn't take them, while they scored with the only shot they had on goal.  There's no other explanation." But Alves did take one positive from the defeat and insisted that Barça remained true to their ideals: "We don't change the way we play because of results. We have a philosophy and if we have to die we'll stick with that philosophy".

Alves also spoke about the difficulty Barça is finding with the away games in the league: "It isn't more difficult than before. It's always been very complicated. This year we're finding it more difficult away from home, but these are phases. Luckily, it's happening to us now and not at the end of the end. There's time to put things right."

No more room for mistakes

However, Alves admitted that there's no more room for mistakes if Barça wish to aspire to the league title: "Real Madrid won't drop many points and we can't make any more mistakes.  They have a lead and we have to try and reduce it.  We have to concentrate and not make any more mistakes."

He believes that the two head-to-heads with Real Madrid – the first is coming up in two weeks time in the Bernabeu – will be decisive: "My team-mates will rise to this challenge. Don't let there be any doubt but that this team will fight to the death for everything."

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