Over and above the decision that Guardiola must make, Alves wished to thank him for everything he's done as a manager. "Guardiola has put the smile back into football, for the fans and people who like real football", he said during the presentation of his new website, in Cornella. "I think he'll renew his contract, without him we are nothing" he added, aware of what Guardiola has given the Club over the past three and a half seasons: 13 out of 16 possible titles.

Eternally grateful ... if he goes

Alves repeated time and again his thanks to Guardiola. "Thanks to him I'm here and I've achieved so many things," he said. "I think in this life one should always be grateful. If he makes the decision not to continue, what he's already done will stay with us. Although football has no memory, we do remember. If players started to leave we would have part of the blame. We should be grateful to Guardiola, not only as a player but also as a manager" he said. However, he predicts the Manager's contract renewal "I am convinced that Guardiola will stay with us, if not it'll be a big surprise for me. He makes this League greater."

Fight to the end

In addition to Guardiola's renewal, Alves gave his opinion on Barça's chances of winning the League Title: "Barça haven't said the last word yet in the competition. We know that it's tough and that their lead is considerable, but not impossible to peg back. We'll compete to the end, and if we lose, we'll congratulate the winners....If we're this far behind, then we've done something wrong. If we look how both teams are playing, I believe the lead is very great" he said about the 10 points difference. However, he's of the opinion that "the balance of the season should be looked at in June, the road is still long".

About his individual performance, he's very calm, "I'd worry if my teammates or my manager were criticising my performance, but they have no doubts. Rumours don't bother me, and the Club has no doubt whatsoever about my professional attitude".

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