Éric Abidal is at home recovering from his liver transplant of 10th April after he was discharged from hospital on Monday and he used his official Facebook page to thank everyone for all the messages of support that both he and his cousin received whilst he was hospitalised. Abidal has special words of thanks for “all the staff at the Hospital Clinic” as well as the fellow patients he met while he was in hospital, who he told: “I wish all of you and your families the courage you need”.

Thanks to the Club, media and family

The French defender also showed his gratitude for the support he received from the Club – from President Sandro Rosell to all of his teammates, the coaching staff, administrative personnel and doctors, as well as thanking the media for their: “understanding and discretion”, which had been very important for him.
Finally, Abidal made special mention of his wife: “who has been by my side every hour and every day”, as well as his family and his in-laws, before explaining that: “now is the time to rest and get my strength back” and that “I will continue to keep in touch with you all and let you know my news”.


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