L'autocar que trasllada l'equip fins al Camp Nou

- 19:30: The stadium doors open up to the public. The fans begin to take their seats.

- 19:19: FC Barcelona arrive at the stadium. The doors to the Camp Nou will open shortly.

- 18:49:The team's motor coach has left the Hotel W and is headed for the Camp Nou.

- 18:15: UEFA is briefing all the television stations on proper protocol and television rights. The final details are being made for tonight’s broadcast.

- 18:00: The players are having tea at the Hotel W. When they finish they'll make the short trip to the Camp Nou for tonight's match.

- 17:45: We're three hours away from the match. The Barça Toons are ready for the Champions League semi-final.

- 16:30: Barça fans optimistic ahead of tonight's match against Chelsea

- 15:30: There will be 60,000 Barça and Catalonia flags at the Camp Nou to receive FC Barcelona and Chelsea as both teams enter the stadium.

- 14:30: The press start to take up their positions. For the FCB-Chelsea match a total of 824 accredited professionals and 199 press outlets from 28 different countries will cover tonight’s game.

- 14:00: Official meal between representatives of FC Barcelona and Chelsea FC at the Opium Mar restaurant. Barça are represented by Sandro Rosell.

- 13:40: The Barça players, after completing their training session, return to the Hotel W. They will return to the Camp Nou at 18:30.

- 12:50: Chelsea will not hold a training session today. The team will remain at the Rey Juan Carlos I Hotel. Chelsea’s last match was on Saturday, the game ended in a goalless draw against Arsenal.

-12:27: The team begins their final training session. All 21 players named to Barça’s team for tonight are participating in the session.

- 11:30: Barça’s motor coach arrives at the Camp Nou. The players will be on the stadium’s pitch in 30 minutes.

- 11:00: Barça departs the Hotel W for the Camp Nou. Starting at 12:00, Guardiola’s men will complete their final training session.

- 10:30: Representatives from both clubs, UEFA, local police and the visiting team’s security detail meet at the Camp Nou. The meeting was also attended by a member of tonight’s referee delegation to confirm each team’s kit for tonight’s match.

- 10:00: The last tickets for the FC Barcelona - Chelsea FC match go on sale.

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