Víctor Valdés. PHOTO: ARXIU FCB.

Guardiola’s Barça have not only been a very difficult team to contain on offence but they’ve also been very solid on defence. In fact, Víctor Valdés has won the Zamora Trophy, the award given to the keeper that concedes the least amount of goals in a season, for four years in a row. Counting all of the competitions this year, the team have maintained a clean sheet in 32 official matches this season, beating the records set in 2010/11 (30), 2008/09 (31), and 2008/09 (23). In fact, these 32 matches are a Club record.

Most the the games where Barça maintained a clean sheet were achieved in the Liga, Barça did not concede a goal in half of their domestic matches (19). Valdés also kept a clean sheet in 5 Champions League matches, 5 Cup games, 2 Club World Cup games and in the European Super Cup.

Valdés’ record

Valdés has also broken the Club’s all time unbeaten record set by Miguel Reina in 1973. Between September 24 and November 1, the Azulgrana keeper went on a 9-match (896 minutes) streak where he did not concede a goal.

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