Busquets celebrating his goal against Chelsea / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

FC Barcelona’s cruel elimination at the hands of Chelsea in the Champions League left us with a couple curious facts. The first is that the team have scored 170 goals this season. The second, is that Sergio Busquets got on the team’s goal-scorers list. To date, 20 footballers, 17 from the first team (including Maxwell who has left the team) and 3 from Barça B (Tello, Sergio Roberto and Montoya), have scored for FC Barcelona this year.

At this point in the season, not counting Valdés and Pinto, the only first-team players that have not scored are Mascherano, Afellay and Fontàs - the latter two have been injured for most of the season.

22 players scored a year ago

This year, FC Barcelona have two less goal scorers than last season. However, in the 2009/10 season, only 16 players scored for the team and in the 2008/09 season 15 players found the back of the let.

Barça’s 170 goals this season are allocated as follows: 97 in the Liga, 35 in the Champions League, 23 in the King’s Cup, 8 in the Club World Cup, 5 in the Spanish Super Cup and 2 in the European Super Cup.

Barça's goal scorers

63 goals: Messi
15: Cesc
14: Alexis and Xavi
9: Villa and Pedro
8: Iniesta
7: Tello
4: Cuenca, Puyol and 4 own goals
3: Thiago, Alves and Adriano
2: Sergi Roberto, Piqué and Keita
1: Abidal, Maxwell, Montoya and Busquets


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