Goal agaisnt Málaga / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

The numbers speak for themselves. Guardiola has seen his FC Barcelona team score a remarkable 412 league goals while he has been manager, an average of 103 goals a season and 2.7 goals a game. This is a team that has been breaking records in every department. In the season just ended, the team managed to set a new all-time best of 114 goals in a league season.

Guardiola’s sides have achieved four of the six highest goalscoring records in the entire history of the championship. In 2008/09 they got 105, setting a new record. In 2009/10, they got 98, in 2010/11, 95, and this season scored more than three goals a game to get a new record of 114.

Messi the superstar

Messi has scored 138 of those 412 goals, 33.5% of the total. And that percentage rises to an astounding 43% in Guardiola’s final season. The Argentinian found the net 23 times in the first season under the new coach, then got 34 a year later, 31 after that and 50 in the season just ended.

This last season, 16 different players found the target for FCB. Locally produced players got 89 of those, a massive 78%. By positions, eight goals came from defenders, 27 from midfielders and 77 from strikers. The other two were own goals.

League goals

Season 2008/09: 105
Season 2009/10: 98
Season 2010/11: 95
Season 2011/12: 114

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