Stadium Gates Open at 19:30.  We recomend you to arrive in good time to the Stadium, as security measures will be exhaustive and could take some time.

In order to ensure the normal development of the Spanish Cup Final – the Copa del Rey - the grand Spanish football festival,here are some suggestions that might benefit everyone and contribute to their safety

  1. The organisers recommend travel to the Mestalla stadium on public transport, as there is a metro station and numerous bus routes in the area.
  1. However, if you intend to travel by road in your own vehicle, be cautious. Around the stadium, follow the instructions of the Police.
  1. If you are travelling by bus from your home town, please remember where the bus is parked, and its registration number.
  1. The Mestalla stadium has computer access control. Avoid last minute crowding and occupy your seat well in advance. Stadium gates open two hours before the game starts. Musical groups help build the atmosphere before the game.
  1. Once inside the stadium, don’t hang around. Pay attention to the signs and go directly to your allocated seat.
  1. If there are any problems with your ticket go to the INCIDENTS BOX OFFICE, in Avenida Aragon, number 36.
  1. The buyer of the ticket will be responsible for its correct use. Once the game has started, if it is interrupted due to force majeure, there will be no refund for the mentioned ticket.
  1. THE ORGANISERS HAVE THE POWER TO DENY ACCESS TO THE STADIUM to fans from one club who hold tickets allocated to fans of the opposing team.

Many thanks for your co-operation


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