Loudspeakers and drums are not allowed.  We recomend you to read the prohibition at the entrance of the Stadium

Very serious offences: (fines from 60,100€ to 650,000€)

  • Participation in violent riots in or around sports stadiums.
  • Violation of sanctions imposed in terms of violence in sport.
  • The displaying of placards, symbols, emblems, or words, which may be considered an act of inciting, encouraging or assisting violent, xenophobic, racist, or terrorist behaviour.
  • The possession, activation, or throwing of any kind of weapons or objects that might produce similar effects, such as flares, fireworks, explosives, or flammable products in general.
  • The introduction and sale, consumption, or possession of all types of alcoholic beverages, and similar substances or products.
  • The unauthorised appearance on the pitch and as a result, seriously altering or disturbing the celebration of a sporting event.
  • In addition, one can be expelled from the premises or banned from access to sports arenas on a precautionary or permanent basis.

Serious offences: (fines from 3,100€ to 60,100€)

  • Disobedience of orders or regulations from governmental authorities regarding the conditions of the holding of these events on issues that affect their normal and appropriate development.
  • Gaining access without a ticket.
  • Not occupying the seat allocated
  • Bringing in banned drinks or other objects.
  • Unauthorised appearance on the pitch.

Minor offences: (fines from 150€ to 3,000€)

  • All acts and omissions not classified as serious or very serious offences, which are contrary to the rules and regulations applicable to sports events.


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