If you are looking for tickets to enjoy the unique spectacle of football at the Camp Nou, on this page we provide some useful advice to make sure your purchase is as satisfactory as possible.

Both for football (Camp Nou) and basketball (Palau Blaugrana), the following should be noted:


Don't worry if you can't find tickets, thanks to the "Seient Lliure" system, season ticket holding members can 'free' their seats as the day of the match approaches, thus making more seats available for sale. For this reason, over the following days, tickets might become available that were not before. We encourage you to keep returning to www.fcbarcelona.cat to see if there are any new tickets.

Tip: It is during the 48 hours before a match that most seats are freed, so it is worth keeping a special eye out during this period to see if there are tickets even though there were none before.


For matches where there is a high demand for tickets it is very difficult to get seats next to each other.
The club depends on the seats that season ticket holders put on sale, and members do not usually put two or more adjacent seats on sale at the same time.

Our recommendation is that you buy tickets that are reasonably close together (e.g. the same zone), so that you can still see each other and go to the same catering area at half time.

Here at the club we encourage you not to miss out on the experience of a game at the Camp Nou just because you can't sit together. Being surrounded by Barça supporters can also be a unique way of experiencing the amazing atmosphere at the Camp Nou.