Imad El Khabou, Borja Fernández and Enric Martínez - VÍCTOR SALGADO / FCB

The game took place at Cinemes Girona. VÍCTOR SALGADO /FCB

La Masia youngsters took part in a game of FIFA 2016 with the commentary language set to Catalan.

Imad El Khabou of the U16 football team joined Borja Fernández from the U15 basketball side in a game which was hosted at Cinemes Girona in Barcelona.

The pair took control of a Champions League final between FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich which the Catalans ended up winning via a penalty shootout.

‘La Plataforma per la Llengua’ (Platform for the Language) is a non-government organisation which works to promote the Catalan language.

The group presented the findings of a study on the situation of the Catalan language in the gaming industry, showing that there is no sign of it in video games, despite the demand.

The event, which included experts and members of the gaming industry as well as journalist Joaquim Maria Puyal, has served to raise awareness of this issue and the importance of the normalisation of Catalan in the gaming and entertainment industry.

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