Gerard López looks forward to another year in charge of the reserves | VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

The Barça B team are back at work, and manager Gerard López took time out to speak to Barça TV about how the first two days have gone.

“We wanted to get training started, get to know the new players and also get a look at the players we’ve brought up from the youth team” he explained.

“We want to be as ready as possible for the start of the season. We still have six weeks to go and we want to make the most of that time. We need to polish off certain details and get to know each other better.”

“I’m very happy with the way the new arrivals are adapting” he continued. “They have enough time to get to know the players that were here last year. I know a lot of them already after playing against them before or watching them with their former clubs. They’re all important signings because they’ll help us to grow, to get better, but they also have to win their places in the team. They all look to be in fine fitness and very keen to start playing.”

It’s all smiles now, but there are serious challenges ahead for the reserve team. “We have to learn from the mistakes we made early on last season” he admitted. “We need to demanding preseason with strong friendlies so that they reach the right form in time for when the competitive matches start. Last season we probably didn’t plan things right.”

“We have to take things piece by piece, and flow with the season. There are a lot of games, and there are sure to be ups and downs, wins and losses, but we have to be there to support our players. Not just so that they get the right results, but also to make sure they develop as footballers.”

Staff changes

There are seven new players at Barça B, but there are new faces among the coaches too. Ismael Camenforte is the new fitness coach, having previously worked with the futsal team, as did another of the new additions, Juan Carlos Pérez, while Francesc Guilanyà was formlerly involved with the basketball section.

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