Cámara in action earlier this season at the Miniestadi / ARXIU FCB

Barça B: Ortolà, Godswill, Moisés (Xemi, 45’), Fali (Chamorro, 45’), Tarín (Palencia, 51’) Borja López, Kaptoum, Samper, Dani Romera, Perea & Cámara.

Reus Deportiu: Edgar Badia, Alberto, Angel, Dinis, Olmo, López Garay (Rafa García, 57’), Haro, Ramon, Edgar Hernández (Cassamà, 87’), Vitor (Fran 80’) & Alex Colorado.

Golas: 0-1, Ramon (39’); 0-2, Vitor Silva (43’); 1-2 Dinis og (77’).

Referee: Pablo Brea Peón. Yellows for Perea (5’), Moisés (14’), Fali (17’), Samper (28’) & Borja López (70’) of FCB and Ángel (74’) of Reus. Red for Romera (90’) of FCB.

Miniestadi:  2,431 spectators.


Barça B’s four-match winning run in the Minestadi was thwarted in front of a fine crowd of 2,431 spectators on Saturday evening by 2-1 defeat at home to Reus.

With four yellow cards and manager Gerard López sent off in the first half hour, it was an uphill struggle from the off, and despite battling hard, the reserves were cruelly punished right at the end of the first 45 minutes when Ramon and Victor both scored for the visitors.

Dani Romera and Salva Chamorro (twice) had particularly close chances as Barça B battled hard to get back into the game after the break, and the insistence finally paid off when Cámara shot after 75 minutes and Dinis ended up putting the ball in his own net.

The final ten minutes were the most intense of the game, with the home side throwing everything at Reus in search of an equaliser. Palencia, Romera, Kaptoum and Perea all came frustratingly close, but a red card for Romera in the dying minutes put a stop to the momentum. The final whistle blew on a home defeat that leaves Barça B tenth and Reus riding high in second place in the table.

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