Barça B

Barça B wasn’t able to prolong their three match winning streak in Córdoba. Eusebio’s squad started out on the right foot in the high voltage game with Deulofeu’s early goal. The flow of the game wasn't in Barça's best interest. The game quickly descended into a constant back and forth, resulting in an uncertain game where both teams enjoyed plenty of chances to score. Oier, fortunately, had an inspired performance. Barça's ability to keep Córdoba off the scoresheet for 70 minutes was largly due to the Catalan keeper's efforts.

Deulofeu scores

The game started at a fast pace with the ball skipping across wet the pitch. Córdoba and Barça B both came out of the dressing room looking to put pressure on the opposite goal, the Blaugrana were the first to find the back of the net. With barely five minutes gone, Rafinha (Thiago’s younger brother) found an unmarked Gerard Deulofeu on the right, whose shot whistled passed Córdoba’s keeper, Alberto.

Broken match

Despite the early Barça lead the game was still wide open, the home team was pressuring high up the pitch and directly attacking Barça’s goal. Even though Barça was winning the possession game, the team that enjoyed the better chances was Córdoba. The Andalusians, invigorated by the flow of the game and a newly found confidence pressed the threatened goal guarded by Oier. Half time came at the most opportune time for the Catalans as they found themselves beaten back by an emboldened Córdoba side. However, moments before the half-time whistle, Espinosa latched onto Deulofeu’s pass and unleashed a powerful shot that forced a top shelf save from Alberto.

Córdoba draw level

Eusebio brought in Sergi Roberto to add more consistency to his midfield. But the story both teams had written in the first half repeated itself in the second. The Catalans, superior on the ball, would dominate at the start just to see Córdoba claw its way back into game. Barça’s keeper, Oier, had his work cut out for him as Córdoba laid siege to his goal. In the 56th minute, the keeper providentially saved what would have been the equalising goal with a quick foot. Shortly after, Oier, again, crucially saved another Córdoba shot just to see Borja knock in the rebound (min.70)

Draw, final score

As the game drew to a close both sides were still looking to claim victory, so much so that the three points could have gone either way in the match’s dying moments. After Córdoba’s equaliser, Barça B recovered their depth and goal scoring instinct, while the Andalusians spurred forward by their recent goal were equal to the task. The Azulgrana would come closest to victory, but in the end both teams would settle for a meritorious draw.

Match Stats

FCB B, 1

CÒRDOBA: Alberto, Prieto, Fernández, Gaspar, Cerra (Ismael, min 77), López Silva, Hervás, López Garai, Borja (Quero, min 81), Charles i Patiño (Díaz, min 46).

FCB B: Oier, Montoya, Bartra, Muniesa, Planas, Dos Santos, Carmona (S.Roberto, min 46), Espinosa (Kiko, min 74), Tello , Rafinha i Deulofeu (Soriano, min 63).

Goals: 0-1 Deulofeu (min 5), 1-1 Borja (min 70)

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