Barça B celebrating a goal against Almería / PHOTO: UD Almeria

Barça B beat Almería 1-2 at the Juegos Mediterráneos, it’s the team’s first victory away from home in six months. Eusebio’s team hadn’t won away from the Miniestadi since November 19 2011, when they beat Murcia 0-2. Since then, the reserve team have lost five times and tied five times as visitors. This Saturday in Almería, however, the goals from Sergi Roberto and Deulofeu in the first half decided the match for the Azulgranas. Barça B was the better side in the first half but Almería stepped their game up in the second. Ortiz scored the definitive 1-2 in stoppage time. Barça B have 53 points and are lurking just below the promotion playoff spots.

Imperial Deulofeu

Barça B won the match after putting in a brilliant performance in the first half. With possession and determination, the Catalans wrestled control of the game away from the home side. Rodri and Deulofeu enjoyed the first two clear chances to score. The goal, however, was scored on the third chance, thanks to an excellent play from Deulofeu on the right wing, whose cross was knocked in by Sergi Roberto. The 0-1 hurt an Andalusian side that was facing a Barça B team that was offering up their best football before the half. Eusebio’s boys launched forward and they were rewarded: Deulofeu left four players in his wake before skipping past the keeper to score Barça’s second. Simply beautiful.

Amazing Masip

The match was completely different in the second half. Almería dominated possession from the 55th minute until the end of the game. With Soriano on the pitch, the home side looked a different team. The midfielder shot time and again after receiving crosses into Barça’s area, but Masip was impenetrable. The Barça keeper, without a doubt, secured the three points for the reserve side. However, Ortiz latched onto the ball and unleashed a long-range shot - this time Masip could do nothing to impede the home team’s goal. Almería’s goal, scored in the last play of the match, came too late. Barça B managed to reach their goal: win a match away from the Miniestadi.


Almeria, 1
Barça B, 2

Almeria: Esteban, Rafita, Carlos García, Jakobsen, Dani Bautista, Verza, Bernardello, Corona (Soriano, min 54), Aarón (Jonathan, min 54), Aleix Vidal (Ortiz, min 79) and Ulloa.

Barça B: Masip, Muniesa, Planas, Balliu, Sergi Gómez, Gustavo Ledes, Sergi Roberto, Dos Santos (Espinosa, min 88), Rafinha, Deulofeu (Riverola, min 73) and Rodri (Carmona, min 92).

Goals: 0-1, Sergi Roberto, min 31; 0-2, Deulofeu, min 44, i 1-2, Ortiz, min 94.

Referee: Alfonso Pino Zamorano.


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