There is still a lot to play for, time for us to tremble and to get excited and let’s hope we don’t have to suffer too much. If you want to be closer to the team, don’t miss out on this poster 48,5cm wide and 32cm tall (19” x 12”).

In order to get one of the 5 posters, click on the button “Participate” and you’ll automatically be entered into the draw. If you’re not already a Barça Fan, click on the register button and participate later.

* The participation period for the activity shall begin on 10 February 2016 and end on 20 February 2016. The draw shall take place before a Notary Public, on 23 February 2016.



- Dr. Gergely Juhász, Hungary

- Samuel Anesu Muzhingi, Zimbabwe

- Gergo Vasas, Hungary

- Varju Bálint, Hungary

- Agnesa Bystrianska, Slovakia