FCB Fan Alert

FCB Fan Alert is a PC application that enables you to be informed in real time of the latest news from the Club. Get the latest updates, photos, and much more directly in the sidebar installed on your browser.

You can freely browse on Internet, and you will receive a notification every time it is published a story, a photo, a video or when a new ticketing process is opened. In short, you'll be the first to hear the news of FC Barcelona.


- Browser Sidebar: news, images and videos of FC Barcelona

- Desktop Notifications: Find out about the ticketing processes and best promotions

- Direct access to FC Barcelona website: Enter the blaugrana world with one click

- FCB Button: Enables or disables the sidebar quickly and safely

Works on all major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.


[[BOTOVERMELL::DOWNLOAD++FCB Fan Alert::http://fcbfanalert.com/index_en.html::VER::NF::NO-TRACKING::::::]]