What is it?

The FCB Apps program seeks to empower the Catalan Mobile sector, the program is targeted towards developers and businesses. The objective is to position FC Barcelona as the leading source of app creation in the worldwide industry.

Who can participate?

The program is open to any person, business or organization that has a fully developed application, in the process of developing. The business or person also must have an interest in participating in the FCB Apps programme to commercialize the application under the Barça brand.


Any business or person(s) (must be a legal adult) that has a prototype or is financially invested in an app.

In the event that a student and/or entrepreneur formally submits an application to FCB Apps and he/she is not tied to a business or qualified as self-employed it is imperative that, in the event the application is admitted by the technical evaluation committee, the person(s) must formally be part (or start) a business or become self-employed until the first application is approved in the App Store, and later, approved by FCB Apps.

How to participate in the program

To participate in the program it is imperative that you read and accept the terms and conditions of the program and correctly fill out the web questionnaire.

In accordance with the terms and conditions of the program, remember that before you attach your mobile application or a beta version of an application you must contact fcbapps@bdigital.org to solicit the necessary information required in order for a proper evaluation of your application.

[[BOTOGRIS::FORM++Submit your APP!::http://fcbapps.fcbarcelona.com/program-form::VER::NF]]

What does the programme offer?

  • Access to the Barça brand.
  • Visibility on the official FCB Apps website and within the program's scheduled events and official functions.
  • Commercialization within the App Store.
  • Participation in application revenue.

Participant commitment

  • Develop mobile applications.
  • Manage the application while your business is participating in the program.
  • Maintain the application and produce necessary updates so that the application functions correctly.
  • Periodically update FC Barcelona on the application's performance, issue management and user experience.
  • Adhere to the parameters and rules of the programme.

Time commitment

The period for participating in the program will start on February 24 and end on December 31 of 2012, and can be extended for one further year, and so on successively, in the case of:

  • Not receiving developed mobile applications, mobile applications in process of development or prototypes.
  • Or these not being of interest to the Manager of the "Program".
  • Or those that are received not complying with each and every one of the requirements.

And this circumstance being communicated expressly to the website www.fcbapps.com.