Create a FCB inspired album in just 10 minutes!

FCB Albums

Combine the pages and designs that you like!

FCB Albums

Customize the album by adding your own photos and texts!

FCB Albums

No downloads, no need to install any additional software!

FCB Albums

Choose an album for every ocasion!

FCB Albums

Access the online platform and choose between a wide range of albums available for every special event and occasion, upload your own photos and create your album in just 10 minutes.

FCB ALBUMS are available either in printed format or in digital format.

How it works

  • Users can create albums by uploading their photos onto official templates containing images of all the top players of FC Barcelona.

  • Users can choose between three distinct sizes and between hardback or softback covers for their albums. Albums are sent to the user’s home in the format that they choose.

  • Digital versions of the album are also available for purchase. These can be shared instantly by email or on social networking sites. Digital albums can be viewed on any device (such as smartphones or tablets).

  • Albums can be created as a team effort, with each member working on distinct computers, and without the need to download any additional software.

  • Albums are regularly updated with any changes to FC Barcelona’s first team.

  • Users can combine the templates of distinct albums in order to create a completely unique album of their own.

  • All albums can be personalized with Lookies, a wide range of original and entertaining graphic images, that the user can choose from to decorate and add atmosphere to their albums.

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