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Ticket Collection

  • Tickets can currently be printed using any ATMs in the network belonging to La Caixa.

  • If the ticket printing process doesn’t complete properly, you can proceed in accordance with one of the following two methods:

    If you downloaded the PDF before printing, there’s no problem. You can try printing the ticket again once you’ve sorted out the technical issue.

    If you did not save the PDF file, you will have to come to the club ticket offices and explain the situation and following the relevant checks, and providing these are accepted, you will be issued with a duplicate ticket.

  • The following are the requirements for ticket collection, as well as some advice for avoiding queues and accessing the Stadium in the smoothest possible way.

    Requirements for ticket collection:

    If collected by the purchaser: This person must present a document accrediting their identity (DNI, passport, driving license) as well as the purchase reference e-mail.

    If not collected by the purchaser: The person coming to collect the tickets must provide the following documentation:

    Original signed authorisation by the owner of the card that was used to make the purchase for this person to collect the tickets. This authorisation must state the name and surname of both people, and full and express details of the tickets being purchased. They will also need a copy of both official documents (purchaser and authorised person).


    If you are considering collecting tickets on the day of the match, we advise you to do so three hours before it kicks off. If you come any later, you are likely to face very long queues and you may have a long wait before getting into the stadium and might even miss the start of the match.

    Before queuing to withdraw tickets, make sure that you have got all of the documentation required. Otherwise you may find yourself waiting in the queue for nothing.

    Once you have your ticket, keep it in a safe place. If the ticket is lost or stolen, we cannot issue duplicates. You would have to buy another.

  • We recommend you to find some way of printing the tickets in advance. That way you will avoid queues by using the most comfortable method for getting tickets. If you have no printer at home, you can always save the PDF file onto another support (such a pendrive) and print it somewhere else.

    For information on collecting tickets from the ticket offices please see here.

  • If it is a ticket purchased for any competition other than the UCL, there shouldn’t be any problem printing your tickets. If you do get this problem, please contact the OAB to check that everything is working properly.

    In the UCL and for security reasons, it is possible that the P&H option is not active. If this happens, you will have no option of printing the tickets during the online purchasing process and will have to collect your tickets from the club ticket offices.

  • You can print your ticket directly from the computer you used to make the purchase or, once you have completed the process, you can download the file and save it on your computer in order to print it whenever it is most convenient.

    Another way of printing tickets purchased on the FCB website is by going to the sub-menu (right-hand corner) for tickets pending printing and entering the credit card number used to make the purchase.

    We recommend that before printing the tickets, you always download and save the PDF file. That way, if anything goes wrong while you are printing the ticket, you will always have the option of repeating the process.

    As a last resort, and always at least three hours before the match kicks off you also have the final option of collecting your tickets from the FC Barcelona ticket offices. We insist that this is not the most recommendable option because you may have to spend a long time queuing and might not get into the Stadium in time for kickoff.

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