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Queries about online purchase

  • If your computer freezes and you receive no email confirming that the purchase has been made, you can check whether the purchase was made correctly by going to the website’s ticketing section, where you will find a bar saying “tickets pending printing”. Click here and fill in the details requested to verify whether you made the purchase correctly or not.

  • It is unlikely that you will not be able to find tickets for any zone at all. But if this happens, this is because there are none available at that time (we advise you to check back later) or because sales of tickets for this match are closed (the website will indicate whether there are plans for a new sales period to open) or maybe there is a technical problem with the website (a message should appear explaining this and directing you to another valid sales channel).

  • Because of the huge demand for tickets and that fact that new seats appear dynamically, it is not easy to find two or more seats located together. It is on the days closest to the match day that you have the best chances of doing so.

    Our recommendation is that if at the time of making the purchase you cannot find two seats together, you should at least purchase tickets that are fairly close to each other, in the same zone, for example.

  • The club’s capacity is dynamic. Some of the seats that are made available are those that are not allocated to season tickets, and the remainder are freed via S. LL.

    The availability generated by S.LL is progressive from the moment that the tickets go on sale until the match kicks off. Please note that most seats are freed by the S.LL system in the week building up to the match. We therefore advise you to keep checking the tickets section of the website to see if new seats have become available.

    Please note that in the tickets section of the website, in step one of the ticket purchase procedure, there is a sidebar saying If you can’t find tickets, click here which specifies in greater detail the evolution of the tickets available.

  • On the website alongside the match there is a sidebar stating that the “date and time to be confirmed”. Once the match is confirmed, the sidebar disappears.

    On a ticket printed at home, the time of the match is shown next to the match day (Jornada) and season (Temporada) if this has been confirmed.

    If it has not been confirmed, a reference date appears with a note indicating that the definitive time and date have yet to be confirmed.

    It is always recommendable to check the time and date of the match at

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