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Queries about getting into the stadium

  • If you lose the credit card with which you made the purchase and supposing that you have not already printed the ticket or saved the PDF file, in order to print a ticket at the club ticket offices you will have to provide:

    • A bank document certifying that you were the owner of the card that was used to purchase the tickets.

    • Document (DNI, Passport) certifying your identity and/or status.

    • Proof of purchase (email to confirm purchase, receipt, etc.)

  • If a ticket is stolen or lost, the club cannot issue a replacement, so if you still want to come to the match, you will have no option but to purchase a new one. The club will offer no refunds on lost or stolen tickets.

  • Once you have purchased your ticket it cannot be exchanged under any circumstances. It is therefore very important that before you decide on your ticket type that you make sure you are fully aware and informed of the different types, availability, prices, etc.

  • Once you have purchased a ticket it cannot be returned or exchanged under any circumstances, unless the time and/or date of the match has been changed after previously being announced definitively.

  • You can enter the stadium with flags as long as they have a flexible handle (at the judgement of the security staff) and are no longer than 80 cm. Any other type will require prior authorisation.

  • You can take photos and film inside the Stadium as long as these recordings are not made for commercial purposes.

  • You can take drinks inside as long as they are in containers of no more than 500ml, with no lid.

    Glass containers and cans are not allowed in the stadium.

  • By following this link, you will be able to view the location of each ‘accés’ and ‘porta’ on the premises and in the Stadium. (?)

  • The easiest way to get to your seat is by following the indications that you will find on the ticket, where it names the ‘Accés’ (for entering the club premises) / ‘Porta’ (For entering the stadium) / ‘Boca’ (For entering the sector) / Fila (The row) / Seient (The seat number).

    When finding your way around the stadium, and having found the ‘boca’ in which your seat is located, remember that the odd numbered seats are always on the left (facing down) and the even numbered ones are on the right (facing down).

    In any case, both inside and outside of the stadium you will find club stewards who will be ready and willing to help you with any trouble you have finding the right seat.

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