Confederació Mundial de Penyes

The origins of “Penyes” movement

The FC Barcelona ‘Penyes’ supporters’ clubs movement belongs to the social side of the Club, and is inherent to its history. Backed by a centenary history, the origins of the supporters’ clubs dates back to July 1919, when the first recorded mention of the “Penya Barcelonista” appeared on an official FC Barcelona document because the ‘penya’ organized a dance for all the players and fans at the Carrer Indústria pitch. Since the officialization of the first contemporary supporters’ club in 1944, the supporters movement have been one of the main driving forces for Barça and shown unconditional support for every team within, as well as displaying a firm commitment to society through social and sporting activities in their communities. Throughout this time, they have stood alongisde independent entities, with dedication to social and charitable initiatives.

These entities represent much more than cheering on the team and celebrating at the supporters’ clubs’ headquarters. They are true ambassadors of the Barcelona fanbase, open to everyone.

The Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation

The FC Barcelona Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation was created in 2015, to give a global focus to the movement and offer areas that encourage sport, solidarity and public spirit through numerous activities on both national and international level.

This movement has become even wider and more visible. The Confederation has brought together 1,247 official supporters’ clubs in just four years; 435 are based in Catalonia, 678 in the rest of Spain and 134 in other countries.

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