Alcobendas 1 - 4 Barça: Hard-fought win before the international break

Alcobendas 1 - 4 Barça: Hard-fought win before the international break

Barça won a very tough battle for their eight consecutive win in La Liga to remain undisputed leaders

Another Barça win to go into the international break in the best possible way. The 1-4 win over Alcobendas (1-4) in the eighth game of the OK Liga season means Barça remain clear leaders.

João Rodrigues sets the tone

Barça started the game well with João Rodrigues scoring from inside the area in the 4th minute, assisted by Helder Nunes from behind the goal. This spurred on the attacking approach, with Egurrola making great one-on-one stops at the other end. The last minute of the first half saw Barça go two up with a goal from Helder Nunes.

The intensity continued during the second half, with fast plays and counter attacks from both sides. The third Barça goal didn't seem to want to come with Panadero, Alabart and Nunes all hitting the post. Meanwhile, Egurrola had to save several shots and even a Marcos López penalty at the other end.

Crazy climax

The ex-Barça player, Jordi Gabarra, managed to halve the deficit for the Madrid side in the 47th minute, however, before Barça - with Bargalló assisting Helder Nunes twice in the 48th and 49th minute - made it 1-4, with the Portuguese player completing his hat-trick.

Ultimately, a very hard fought win for Barça (1-4), making it eight wins from eight games, five points ahead of Liceo in the table, and the best possible send off for the month-long international break.

Match stats

Alcobendas, 1 
Barça, 4

Alcobendas: Isaac Larios, Jordi Gabarra, Iñigo Artacho, Marcos López, Miguel López - starters -. Nacho Castro, Jorge López, Alonso Martín, Víctor Wally.
Barça: Egurrola, Pau Bargalló, Nil Roca, Helder Nunes, João Rodrigues - starters -. Ignacio Alabart, Matias Pascual, Sergi Panadero, Sergi Llorca.
Goals: 0-1, João Rodrigues (min. 4); 0-2, Helder Nunes (min. 25), 1-2, Jordi Gabarra (min. 47); 1-3, Helder Nunes (min. 48); 1-4, Helder Nunes (min. 49).
Referees: Jonathan Sánchez, Juan Iglesias. Fouls: 13-13.
Photo: Fernando Muñoz - CP Alcobendas


Força Barça
Força Barça

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