Dinan Quévert – Barça Lassa: Another test passed (2-6)

Dinan Quévert – Barça Lassa: Another test passed (2-6)

Edu Castro's team won their second European League game thanks to goals from Alabart, Joao, Marc Gual and Pau Bargalló

Barça Lassa won 2-6 in France against Dinan Quévert thanks to a hat-trick from Joao Rodrigues and goals from Alabart, Marc Gual and Pau Bargalló. Although the match was just the second of this season’s European League, it was an important victory because it leaves Barça at the top of the table, with six points, after Follonica’s win over Oliveirense (3-2). In fact, Barça’s next European League match will be on December 1, in Portugal, against Oliveirense.

Joao x 3

It was the seventh time Barça have played against Dinan Quévert, and all of them have been wins. This edition began well for the visitors when Alabart put Barça ahead (0-1, min 8), and although the French team equalised shortly after on the counterattack via Pablo Gonzalez, Joao restored the lead within a minute 1-2 (min 15). Five minutes later Joao added another, assisted by Matias Pascual from behind the goal.

Toni Seró cut the deficit (2-3, min 27 ) but Marc Gual (2-4, min 32) and Pau Bargalló (2-5, min. 38) ended the match as a contest. There was still just enough time for Joao to grab his hat-trick goal and complete the scoring (2-6, min 39).


Dinan Quévert, 2

Barça Lassa, 6

Dinan Quévert: Dani Fernández, Toni Seró, Corentin Lepodelec, Felipe Castro, Joan Galbas –starters- Albert Mola (ps), Anthony Leroux, Cirilo García, Guillaume Rault, Pablo González. 

Barça Lassa: Aitor Egurrola, Gual, Pablo Álvarez, Panadero, Ignasi Alabart –starters- Matias Pascual, Pau Bargalló, Nil Roca, Joao.

Goals: 1-0, Alabart (min 8). 1-1, Pablo González (min 14). 1-2, Joao (min 15). 1-3, Joao (min 20). 2-3, Toni Seró (min 27). 2-4, Marc Gual (min 32). 2-5, Pau Bargalló (min 38). 2-6, Joao (min 39).

Officials: Lars Niestroy, Daniel Loewe. Fouls: 6-11.

Força Barça
Força Barça
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