Last days to update the supporters club census

Last days to update the supporters club census

Remember that the latest you are allowed to update the information is on the 14 November

The Supporters Clubs still have until the 14 November at 9am CET to provide the relevant information so that the production of the membership cards for 2017 can go ahead. However, it is important that the procedure is done as soon as possible via the new fan club portal.

Currently, we have over 4,000 new members and 15,700 updated ones. The portal, as well as making this process easier, also offers the following benefits:

-Confirm postal address (correspondence, membership cards, credentials)
-Manage more than one contact address and phone number
-Specify your language (Catalan, Spanish or English)
-Request a change of name for your fan club
-Modify financial and banking details
-Social media profiles for supporters clubs
-Access official club documents
-Fan club's documentary record
-Manage changes on the board of directors
-System of notices and reminders to reinforce the communication between the club and the supporters club

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