Successful second and final day at the 2016 Sports Technology Symposium hosted by FC Barcelona

Successful second and final day at the 2016 Sports Technology Symposium hosted by FC Barcelona

Friday morning's final three rounds of presentations close out the second annual event

The second annual Sports Technology Symposium, hosted by FC Barcelona at Camp Nou, came to a close on Friday at midday, but not before the morning hours brought with them a host of presentations dealing with digital content delivered on mobile devices, SmartStadiums capable of delivering previously unthinkable levels of fan satisfaction, and concluding with a trio of lectures on how technology is opening up new opportunities in the world of sports.

An earlier start on the second and final day of the Symposium began with presentations on the topic of Mobile First.

Just like on the opening day of the Symposium, speaking sessions were staggered with coffee breaks in an adjacent tent, where attendees and presenters could mingle, stretch their legs, and network with like-minded peers in the sports technology industry.

“What I loved about it was the diversity of speakers,” said JohnPaul, the founder and CEO of VenueNext, which provides platforms allowing arenas and stadiums to optimize the fan experience. The Symposium, he said, covered “everything relating to sports technology.”

“From dealing with the team, to players, to fans, that’s what really differentiated this conference from any one I’ve ever been to,” he said.

At the end of each session, the speakers were interviewed one by one, opining on the general organization and planning of this year’s event, followed by a question related to their presentations.

By the conclusion of the Symposium, over 25 guest speakers had been interviewed. They were all asked which world they would use to describe their experience at the 2016 Sports Technology Symposium, a question that elicited a litany of superlatives.

“It was fantastic,” Mr. Paul said. 

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