FC Barcelona Lassa v Movistar Inter: Goal fest secures 2-1 lead (6-1)

FC Barcelona Lassa v Movistar Inter: Goal fest secures 2-1 lead (6-1)

Andreu Plaza's side won convincingly thanks to goals from Ferrao (2), Lozano, Aicardo, Adolfo and Joao Batista to take an advantage in the series and on Saturday they could clinch the play-off final

Unstoppable. The Palau was full and they were completely behind Andreu Plaza’s team from the off as they watched them thrash Movistar Inter 6-1 in the third match of the final play-off. The result puts them 2-1 up overall in the series. Goals from Sergio Lozano, Ferrao (2), Aicardo, Adolfo and Joao Batista gave Barça Lassa the opportunity to clinch the final play-off and the league title in the first match ball on Saturday.

Perfect start

Nobody could have expected a better start. Andreu Plaza’s players were up for it from the off and they scored three goals in the opening three minutes. The first came courtesy of a spectacular Sergio Lozano shot into the top corner in the first minute. Seconds later, Ferrao doubled the lead with a shot rifled across goal past Herrero. Barça were hurting Movistar down the right and they did so again through Aicardo’s free-kick to make it 3-0 after two minutes and ten seconds.

The away side attempted to respond with Pola’s effort hitting the crossbar and Ricardinho striking the post. Paco Sedano was crucial in this period with his saves halting the opposition’s momentum and stopping them from getting back into the game.

Decisive in second half

With seven minutes to go until the break, the away side decided to use Rafael as a sweeper keeper but the blaugranas kept up their intensity and pressure perfectly. Adolfo made the most of a fantastic interception to make it 4-0 after 14 minutes. A minute later Joao Batista added the fifth on the rebound. In the final minute of the first half Rafa López almost added another but he hit the post and Barça went into the break 5-0 up.

The second half started with Barça looking to increase their advantage but Adolfo missed an easy chance. The clock was ticking and both sides had chances but both Paco Sedano and Herrero produced good saves. Lolo managed to get one for Movistar with a lovely long-distance strike in the 36th minute. However, Ferrao re-established the five-goal lead shortly after. 

The scoreboard didn’t change again and the blaugranas’ impressive first-half performance proved more than enough to win the third match of the play-off series and take a 2-1 lead into the fourth at the Palau at 8.00pm CET on Saturday.

Força Barça
Força Barça
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