Voltregà Stern Motor 1-5 Barça: Stunning victory

Voltregà Stern Motor 1-5 Barça: Stunning victory

Barça won the last game of the OK League first round, with Pau Bargalló and Sergi Fernández as the protagonists

Barça earned a fantastic away win at a difficult track, Pau Bargalló, with two goals, Pablo Álvarez, Nil Roca and Sergi Llorca the scorers of the goals.


The visitors had chances as early as the second minute, but it would take six minutes of consistent pressure before Pau Bargalló opened Barça's account.

Without letting the hosts settle for a minute, it became a matter of time before the Catalans added to the score, Sergi Fernández making it 0-2 (min. 16). 

The goalkeepers, protagonists

The score remained 0-2 at the end of the first half, thanks in no small part to the performances of both goalkeepers, Blai Roca and Sergi Fernández. The goals soon flowed again, however.

Roger Font got one back for Voltregà on 41 minutes, but that only served to invite more pressure from Barça, who reacted with three late goals from Nil Roca, Pau Bargalló and Sergi Llorca.


Voltregà, 1
Barça, 5

Voltregà: Blai Roca, Arnau Canal, Marc Palazón, Aleix Molas and Eric Vargas -starters- Gerard Rovira, Roger Font and Humbert Serra. 
Barça: Sergi Fernández, João Rodrigues, Nil Roca, Pau Bargalló and Sergi Panadero -starters- Matias Pascual, Helder Nunes, Sergi Llorca and Pablo Álvarez. 

Goals: 0-1, Pau Bargalló (min. 6); 0-2, Pablo Álvarez (min. 16); 1-2, Roger Font (min. 41); 1-3, Nil Roca (min. 42); 1-4, Pau Bargalló (min. 43); 1-5, Sergi Llorca (min. 47). 

Officials: David Calonge and Erik Rivas. Fouls: 10 - 13. 

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Força Barça
Força Barça

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