Barça 36-25 Abanca Ademar León: The winning streak continues

Barça 36-25 Abanca Ademar León: The winning streak continues

Another victory for the Catalans, who continue their winning streak in both the league and the Champions League

Unstoppable in the Champions League and unstoppable in the league. Barça continued their 14 game winning streak in the Asobal League with a resounding 36-25 win over Abanca Ademar León at the Palau Blaugrana.

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From the start, the Catalans went out for the win and denied their opponents time and space. An initial partial of 3-0 gave them the advantage and they held it for the entire match.

Despite the visitors' attempts to get back into the game, the hosts kept increasing the advantage throughout the first half with good counterattacks and a 5-0 run after 24 minutes (17 -8). The scoreboard at halftime (21-11) already looked insurmountable for the visitors, with Barça's Diocou and Frade excellent in attack.

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Ademar León kept trying to get back on terms without success. The Catalans were very solid and not only maintained the lead, but increased it again. At the final whistle, the 36-25 score was a fair reflection, Diocou and Aleix Gómez top scoring with five goals each.

On Thursday expect an exciting European game at the Palau against Telekom Veszprém (8.45pm CET).

Match Details

Barça, 36
Abanca Ademar León, 25

Barça: Moller (-), Diocou (5), Dika Mem (4), Cindric (3), Àlex Pascual (2), Pálmarsson (1), Fabregas (4) -starters-. Gonzalo (-), Ariño (2), Blaz Janc (3), N'Guessan (1), Alex Gómez (5), Thiagus Petrus (-), Makuc (-), Langaro (3), Frade (3).
Abanca Ademar León: Khalifa (-), Natan Suárez (3), Pedro Martínez (1), Andrew Donlin (2), Gonzalo Pérez (-), Semedo (3), Mateusz Piechowski (4) - starters-. Rubén Marchán (3), Erwin Feuchtmann (-), Tin Lucin (3), Milan Gostovic (1), Dino Slavic (-), Antonio Martínez (3), Oleg Kisselev (-), Adrián Casqueiro (2).
Breakdown: 5-2 / 7-5 / 12-7 / 15-8 / 18-10 / 21-11 (break) / 25-12 / 28-16 / 31-19 / 32-22 / 36-24 / 36-25
Officials: Macías de Paz and Ernesto Ruiz Vergara

Força Barça
Força Barça

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