Dembélé: Effective with both feet

The French winger is comfortable on both his right and left side, as evidenced by his goalscoring figures: 12 with the left and 10 with the right

Ousmane Dembélé's ability with both feet means the French winger is a player that's totally unpredictable for opposition defenders who aren't sure which side to cover when he's in full flight. He is a player that's comfortable on both his right and left side, as evidenced by his goalscoring figures.

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The Frenchman has scored a total of 22 goals as a FC Barcelona player: 12 with his left foot and 10 with his right. Practically the same number of goals with each foot, which is something unusual in the world of football. As for this season, he has scored two with his right (Ferencváros and Juventus) and one with the left (Betis).

In fact, if we look at the goals from his entire career, the numbers are very similar. Of the 46 he has scored in total, 21 have been with his left, 24 with the right and one with his head. Again, almost 50% between from either foot.

Team Total goals Left-footed goals Right-footed goals Headed goals
FC Barcelona 22 12 10 0
Rennes 12 4 8 0
Borussia Dortmund 10 5 4 1
France 2 0 2 0
Total 46 21 24 1


His ability with both feet, combined with his great speed and change of pace, make Dembélé one of the most talented wingers in European football. Definitely a special player with a unique and exceptional talent.

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